10 Ways to Detect a Troubled Driver

Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to prevent a car accident is to drive predictively – that is, to look on at your neighboring drivers and stay “two steps ahead” to predict what their next move might be. This sounds akin to mind reading which, as we all know, is not… Read More

3 Common Types of Personal Injury

Have you ever experienced something that led to you sustaining an injury, but you felt unsure if that experience would be considered “bad” enough to file a personal injury lawsuit? Perhaps the latter has never even crossed your mind until now. You’re not alone! Many people experience events that can alter the course of their… Read More

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Apr 26 2021

How a Personal Injury Attorney Could Get You More

If you’re still on the fence about whether to bother hiring an attorney for your personal injury case, keep reading! When it comes to personal injury cases, the age-old saying that “less is more” doesn’t apply. There is a world of difference between the quick and easy option or choosing a team of professionals to… Read More

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Apr 19 2021

This Popular Hobby Could Spell Trouble

If you were to ask a room of people whether they think that riding a motorcycle is fun, chances are you’ll find many in agreement that it’s an exciting and enjoyable hobby. Motorcycles are a popular hobby among folks across the United States, many of which consider a motorcycle to be their preferred vehicle. But… Read More

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Apr 16 2021

5 Eye-Opening Statistics About Dog Attacks

It’s next to impossible these days to browse any social media network and not come across a picture of a cute cat or dog within the first 5 minutes of scrolling. Most of us will enjoy these posts and find that many people respond to them with the question of, “how could you not love… Read More

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Apr 14 2021

5 Things Truckers Wish You Knew

When someone is first learning how to drive, where do they typically start to practice? Empty parking lots, quiet back roads, carefully curated driver’s ed courses and anywhere with little risk of a collision. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone to admit that they learned to drive on the highway because the presence of large… Read More

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Mar 23 2021

Calling All Self-Proclaimed Multitaskers!

Do you pride yourself on your ability to multitask? Maybe you can finish up notes from another project while listening in on a work meeting, jog while holding a conversation, cook three different parts of a dish while also running the laundry and supervising your toddler’s play session… At that point, you might let some… Read More

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Oct 12 2020


Construction site injuries are common. Working with large equipment, toxic chemicals, high voltage, and at great heights put workers at risk of serious injury and death. In many cases, construction site injuries result from human error, lack of safety equipment, failure to follow safety procedures, or other negligent acts. When a construction worker is injured,… Read More

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Oct 12 2020


Car accidents happen. Even the most cautious driver can make a mistake that results in a car wreck. California requires drivers to carry minimum liability insurance to protect accident victims in the event of a car crash. Unfortunately, some people do not obey the law. For that reason, it is important to have sufficient uninsured… Read More


A tragic traffic accident in south Sacramento involved nine vehicles. The crash happened on the southbound side of Interstate 5 at Florin Road. The crash involved a series of car accidents. One man died at the accident scene, and three people went to the hospital for care. The traffic accident involved a truck hauling plywood. A man… Read More