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taking it personally Tiemann Law Firm understands the life-changing stakes of personal injury cases
Jelena Tiemann
Tiemann Law Firm Staff

hen I was young, my mother and I were in a serious accident involving a drunk driver,” says Jelena Tiemann, attorney at Tiemann Law Firm. “While I was OK, my mother was seriously injured. She survived, but the recovery was very difficult. It was a deeply traumatic event, and I’ve wanted to help people like my mother ever since. That’s why I became a personal injury lawyer.”

Based in Sacramento, Tiemann Law Firm focuses exclusively on personal injury cases. Their work focuses on representing clients who suffered catastrophic injuries in car or trucking accidents. Tiemann describes her office as “a boutique firm that gets incredible results,” a claim that is supported by dozens of multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements that the firm has won for clients.

“Many of our clients have suffered severe injuries, both physically and emotionally, and their lives may never be the same,” Tiemann says. “These are people who have become paralyzed because of negligence, or who have received traumatic brain injuries that prevent them from doing basic tasks.

I understand what they are going through. It makes me fight that much harder to get them the compensation they deserve.”

While every case is unique, Tiemann Law Firm’s approach to working with clients never changes. They aggressively negotiate with the at-fault party to secure the maximum amount of compensation possible. If those negotiations fail, the firm is ready to take the fight into the courtroom, using every available resource to get the best possible outcome. There’s only one rule: Always do right by the client. The firm recently settled a case for $65,750,000 involving a motor vehicle incident-trucking case with catastrophic injuries and traumatic brain injury.

“It’s our job to take care of everything so clients can focus on getting better,” Tiemann says. “ That’s the value of hiring our firm, but it’s also our moral compass. Everyone here understands the importance of putting the clients’ needs first.”

More Than Clients

Born in Serbia, Tiemann has spent most of her adult life establishing

roots in the Greater Sacramento area. Joined by her husband and law partner, Peter, she’s an active member of Sacramento’s nonprofit community, where they support “almost anything involving kids or dogs.” This community-minded spirit also extends to former clients and their families, many of whom stay in touch with Tiemann and her team long after cases have closed.

“Catastrophic injury cases can go on for years,” Tiemann says. “We spend a lot of time with our clients, getting to know their families and helping them as they recover. We’re by their side the entire time, fighting for them every day. When you’ve shared that kind of intense experience, you become part of each other’s lives. When a former client calls to wish me a happy birthday or sends me a picture of their kids, I know what it means to them. That’s why we do this.”

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