Car Accident

Mar 22 2023

FAQ’s about Wrongful Death in a Car Accident

If you’ve lost a loved one in a car accident, no amount of financial compensation will ever begin to make up for that. There are, however, many current expenses and, if the victim was also the family breadwinner future ones that you are entitled to seek damages for. At this horrific time, we want you… Read More

Truck Accident

Mar 15 2023

You’ve Been in a Truck Accident—What Happens Now?

Following a traumatic truck accident, a victim is usually dealing with severe injuries. Close on the heels of the pain and suffering of the physical recovery from the accident comes frighteningly large medical bills. Seems like there’s a new one in the mailbox every day. There’s also a good chance that you’re unable to work… Read More

Car Accident

Mar 7 2023

Daylight Savings Brings Spike in Fatal Car Accidents

It’s coming—one of the deadliest weeks of the year to be on the road. On Sunday, March 12th, we “spring ahead” moving our clocks up one hour for Daylight Savings Time. Recent studies have shown that this change is followed by a 6% increase in fatal car accidents in the week after Daylight Savings Time… Read More

Car Accident

Feb 28 2023

What to Do in Case of an Accident

Let’s face it. No one gets up in the morning and says, “I think I’ll get into in an accident today.” Whether you’re in a car, on a motorcycle or bicycle or just out walking, if you’re involved in an accident you are likely to be injured, in shock and not thinking clearly. It’s important… Read More

Walkers Beware

Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that pedestrian accident injuries and fatalities continue to rise. California has the unfortunate claim of having the greatest number of pedestrian deaths of any state in the country. Experts say that two reasons for the increased risk to walkers are speed and the use of… Read More

Car Accident

Feb 15 2023

Forecast: Hazardous Driving Conditions Ahead

Everyone knows that bad weather can be the cause of car accidents, but sometimes weather conditions that don’t appear particularly dangerous can prevent drivers from putting up their guard and being as cautious as necessary. Below are some of the more common weather hazards known to create potentially treacherous driving conditions. Rain—when it pours, visibility… Read More

Have You Been Injured in a Bike Accident?

Here in California, biking has lots to recommend it. Many people in the Sacramento area bike to work—saving gas, helping the environment, and getting good exercise to boot. In fact, our city has been ranked in the top 10 cities for bike commuting. It’s also a wonderful recreational activity for the whole family that really… Read More

Dealing with Spinal Cord Injuries

Among the most devastating injuries that our clients suffer are spinal cord injuries. It’s easy to understand why. Your spinal cord is the nerve communication highway that controls all function and movement of the body, both voluntary and involuntary. Everything we do from walking, talking, and breathing relies on the proper functioning of the spinal… Read More

Myths about Motorcycle Accidents

Here in the Sacramento area, we have good weather nearly all year round, and that means motorcyclists have a greater opportunity to spend time on their bikes. Unfortunately, it also means more motorcycle accidents annually than other states with less temperate weather. Motorcycle cases can be challenging because of certain mistaken beliefs associated with them.… Read More

Car Accident

Jan 19 2023

The Need for Speed

Speeding is one of the most dangerous actions drivers can do. In fact, speeding is the violation that is responsible for the most fatal car accidents—however, the majority of drivers believe that speeding is less dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol or distracted driving. A recent survey revealed other disturbing finds about how… Read More