Myths about Motorcycle Accidents

Here in the Sacramento area, we have good weather nearly all year round, and that means motorcyclists have a greater opportunity to spend time on their bikes. Unfortunately, it also means more motorcycle accidents annually than other states with less temperate weather. Motorcycle cases can be challenging because of certain mistaken beliefs associated with them.… Read More

Motorcycles and Lane Splitting

Did you know the state of California has a law pertaining to motorcycles that no other state has? It’s AB 51 and it makes it legal for a motorcyclist to drive between rows of moving or stopped vehicles in the same lane. This is what’s known as lane splitting and it can be done on… Read More

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

With gas prices continuing to take a big bite out of many people’s budgets, riding a motorcycle that uses less fuel is more popular than ever. It also comes with its own set of risks, however. When a 500-pound bike meets a 3,000-pound car, you can guess who usually sustains the more significant injuries and… Read More

Your Life May Never be the Same After a Motorcycle Crash

Let’s face it; in a motorcycle versus a 3,000-pound or more car or truck accident, the motorcycle is almost always the loser. Even with a helmet and other appropriate safety gear, injuries can be devasting. Here in California, although very common, motorcycles have a high rate of accidents, many of which are fatal. In one… Read More

Driving Impaired Greatly Increases Motorcycle Accident Risk

You’re driving along when suddenly, the motorcycle in front of you begins to veer back and forth and then completely loses control, causing you to take evasive actions quickly. Although motorcyclists have less protection than those riding in a car, their actions can cause an accident with serious injuries to the drivers around them. California has the… Read More

10 Reasons Motorcycle Crashes Occur

Statistics collected by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association for the most recent year show that motorcycle fatalities in the state of CA are down slightly. However, it still has the third-highest rate of deaths in the country. There are usually serious injuries for those who survive a motorcycle crash that may leave physical and emotional scars that… Read More

Help for Motorcycle Crash Victims

In sunny California, we’re lucky to have year-round good weather for biking. In the Sacramento area, some people use motorcycles for commuting to work as their preferred method of transportation. For others, taking their bike out on the road is a pleasurable break and a way to enjoy the great outdoors. Riding a motorcycle is… Read More

Facts about Motorcycle Accidents

One of the advantages of living in California is mild weather year-round—a big draw for those who love to ride motorcycles. A greater number of riders with fewer down days due to weather may also be the reason why in 2016, California recorded 566 motorcyclists killed in accidents, the highest fatality rate of any state… Read More

7 Most Frequent Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Current statistics show that Californians sustained over 9,000 injuries and 411 fatalities in motorcycle accidents in one year. Motorcycles are becoming increasingly more popular and so accident rates are likely to continue to climb. Visibility is a key issue in preventing collisions with motorcycles. Below are seven of the most common causes of a collision… Read More

7 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

If you own a motorcycle you know that summer is prime time for enjoying a ride. However, nice weather means more cars and pedestrians on the road as well. Protect yourself from a motorcycle accident by observing these 7 tips: Check your bike before every ride. Make sure tires are properly inflated, brakes are working… Read More