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Large trucks are an important aspect of commerce in the United States. Semi-trucks are efficient ways to transport goods across the state and across the nation. However, sharing the road with these vehicles can be dangerous. Traffic accidents involving large trucks can result in catastrophic injuries for drivers and passengers of other vehicles.

You cannot control a truck driver’s actions, just like you cannot control all other factors that might be involved in causing a truck accident. However, you can take steps to reduce your risk of being involved in a large truck accident.

Tips for Avoiding Sacramento Truck Accidents

Six tips to remember when sharing the road with large trucks are:

1.  Avoid a Truck’s Blind Spots

An 18-wheeler has large blind spots. Driving in a truck’s blind spot increases your risk of an accident because the truck driver cannot see your vehicle. Learn more about a truck’s blind spots online from the FMCSA.

2.  Always Use Turn Signals

It is a good driving habit to always use your turn signals to let other drivers know your intention. However, it is essential when sharing the road with large trucks. Large trucks need additional time to slow down and stop. By using your turn signals, you give a truck driver additional time to slow down and stop if necessary.

3.  Lower Your Bright Lights

High beams affect truck drivers just like they do other drivers. Even though a commercial truck is higher and longer than a passenger vehicle, your bright lights can still distract and temporarily blind a truck driver when the high beams hit the truck’s side mirrors. Temporarily blinding a truck driver with your high beams can have catastrophic results.

4.  Don’t Drive While Distracted

Distracted driving can increase your risk of a traffic accident in any situation. However, being distracted around large trucks can be deadly. Large truck crashes cause traumatic injuries that can result in life-altering conditions, including paralysis and traumatic brain injuries. Always remain alert when driving near large trucks to give yourself as much time as possible to adjust your driving if necessary to avoid a collision.

5.  Use Caution When Merging

When passing a truck or merging into a lane in front of a truck, always allow more room between the truck and your vehicle than you would normally allow for passenger vehicles. A truck driver cannot see your vehicle if you are in the truck’s front blind spot. Also, the truck driver cannot stop or slow down quickly if you dart in front of the truck and slow down.

Whenever possible, approach the truck from the left side. It is much easier for a truck driver to see you if you approach the truck from the left.

6.  Allow Room for Large Trucks to Turn

Large trucks need additional room to turn, especially when making right-hand turns. Never attempt to sneak past a commercial truck that is turning. Wait until the driver completes the turn, and the truck is in the new lane before proceeding around a large truck.

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