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Rear-end car accidents are often referred to as “fender benders” or “minor bump ups” by insurance claims adjusters. However, there is nothing “minor” about a rear-end crash. Rear-end car accidents can cause severe injuries for vehicle occupants and significant property damage to vehicles. A California car accident attorney with the Tiemann Law Firm can help you file and settle an insurance claim for property damage and personal injury after a rear-end accident.

Problems Caused by Rear-end Car Accidents

Rear-end car accidents often cause damage to rear bumpers and taillights. However, rear-end collisions may also cause damage to your vehicle that is not easily identifiable. In many cases, an experienced repair technician must carefully examine the vehicle to determine the full extent of property damage caused by the rear-end crash.

Four types of property damage that can be overlooked after being hit in the rear by another vehicle include:

Wheel Damage

A rear-end crash can cause your wheels to be out of alignment. Misaligned wheels can cause premature, uneven tire wear. It can also cause dangerous driving conditions and reduce the ride comfort for drivers and passengers. For example, misaligned wheels often cause the steering wheel to be wobbly, which could interfere with your ability to swerve or control the vehicle. You may notice unusual vibrations, which can make rides less comfortable.

Trunk Damage

Damage to the truck can cause serious trunk malfunctions and glitches that can result in added property damage. In some cases, the damage could be dangerous as in the case of trunks popping open while driving because of damaged latches and locks. A damaged trunk could be difficult to open. Rear-end accidents can also damage the seal around the trunk allowing water to seep into the trunk causing damage to the trunk and any contents within the trunk.

Frame Damage

The impact of a rear-end crash can cause the vehicle’s frame to bend. If a bent frame is not repaired, it can cause problems such as reduced frame strength, misalignment of warning system sensors, and unnecessary wear on tires and other parts. A full inspection by an auto body shop is strongly recommended after any collision.

Electrical System Problems

Even though you may not see the damage, rear-end accidents can loosen wires throughout the vehicle. Loose wires compromise the electrical systems in your vehicle, including your lights, battery, signals, sound system, and warning sensors. Having the wiring system checked by a professional can prevent unexpected, stressful, and costly problems in the future.

Why Should You Have a Complete Vehicle Inspection After Rear-end Car Accidents?

The above four examples are just some of the problems and damage that can go unnoticed after a rear-end crash. If the damage is not repaired, you could face costly repairs that are not covered by insurance. Once you settle your property damage claim, the insurance company is not legally responsible for any further damage you may discover, even if the damage was caused by the crash. It is better to have your vehicle inspected thoroughly to ensure all damage is reported and repaired before you settle the property damage claim.

Contact a California Car Accident Attorney for Help

Insurance claims involving rear-end car accidents can be difficult. Insurance adjusters may not be willing to admit that a rear-end crash can cause severe damage and injuries. An experienced car accident lawyer in Sacramento can help you fight for a settlement that is fair and just given the damage to your vehicle and your injuries.

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