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Construction site injuries are common. Working with large equipment, toxic chemicals, high voltage, and at great heights put workers at risk of serious injury and death. In many cases, construction site injuries result from human error, lack of safety equipment, failure to follow safety procedures, or other negligent acts. When a construction worker is injured, it is important to explore all options for recovering compensation for injuries, financial losses, and damages.

Four Construction Site Injuries to Know

There are many ways that a worker can sustain injuries on a construction site. However, OSHA lists the four most common causes of construction site injuries as:


Falling was the number one cause of construction site deaths in 2018. Falls were responsible for one-third of the fatalities on construction sites. Construction workers often work at great heights. In some cases, workers are on scaffolding on the side of buildings. If the scaffolding is improperly maintained or malfunctions, workers can fall to their deaths. Workers may also fall down elevator shafts or other areas that are not properly barricaded.

Struck by an Object

Being struck by an object is the second most common cause of construction injuries. Objects can include falling materials, equipment, and construction vehicles. For example, materials improperly secured on a crane break loose causing the materials to fall to the ground below. A distracted driver or a driver who fails to check all blind spots could hit a worker standing near a construction vehicle.


Many construction sites have high voltage areas. They also use electric hand tools. Electrocutions and electrical accidents can happen when because of damaged cords or improperly grounded outlets.

Caught In and Between

Workers can have fingers, hands, arms, and legs caught in machinery. Amputations and loss of limbs can result in devastating disabilities for workers. The category also includes workers crushed by a collapsing structure or crushed between equipment or material.

Filing a Third-Party Claim for Construction Accidents

In many cases, workers’ compensation covers construction injuries. However, there are situations in which the person might have a third party claim. A claim could involve premises liability laws, if the property owner were negligent and breached the duty of care. A third party claim could arise from the negligence of other parties on the construction site.

Workers’ compensation prevents employees from suing their employers for an injury on the job. There are some exceptions to this rule if the employer acted intentionally or committed grossly negligent acts.

Workers’ compensation does not cover all damages after a construction accident. However, a third-party claim can compensate victims for all lost income, medical expenses not covered by workers’ compensation, pain, and suffering.

Contact a Sacramento Construction Accident Attorney for More Information

If you sustained construction site injuries, it is in your best interest to talk with an attorney as soon as possible. You could receive additional compensation beyond what you receive by filing a worker’s comp claim.

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