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Bicycles are becoming a popular form of recreation and exercise. Bicycles have long been a form of inexpensive transportation for many people. However, even though drivers know they must share the road with bicyclists, many drivers fail to take steps to avoid a bicycle accident. Below are five ways drivers are dangerous for bicyclists.

Open Doors in Front of Bicyclists

Car doors are a problem for bicyclists, especially in the city where cars are parked along the road. A driver parallel parks, gets his things together, and slings open the door without checking to see if a bicyclist is approaching near the edge of the driving lane. The bicyclist approaching has no warning the door is about to be opened; therefore, he has no way to avoid hitting the door. In many cases, the collision with the car door propels the cyclists over the door and onto the street.

Passing Motorists

Passing motorists are another huge danger for bicyclists. Drivers who are in a hurry try to pass a bicyclist when there is simply not enough room to allow the driver to pass safely. The driver does not want to wait until it is safe to pass so he tries to pass the bicyclist by “squeezing” by the rider. This maneuver can result in a sideswipe accident, or it can cause the bicyclist to run out of the road to avoid a collision.

Failure to Yield

Drivers often fail to see a motorcycle on the road and turn left in front of it. A bicycle is even smaller than a motorcycle; therefore, many drivers just fail to see a bicycle. For example, a bicyclist has the right of way at a red light, but a driver turns left in front of the rider. Bicyclists can make themselves more visible by wearing brightly colored clothing and using reflectors and lights. However, drivers must be more conscious of other vehicles sharing the road.

Distracted Drivers

Everyone on the road has a problem with distracted drivers. Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the most serious problems on our roads in America. Texting and talking on cell phones are just two of the many distractions drivers succumb to every day. Eating, grooming, reading, drinking, dressing, and adjusting vehicle controls are other examples of distractions that cause serious traffic accidents.

Road Rage

Road rage is another serious problem in the United States. Just last week another man was killed in a New Orleans suburb in an apparent road rage incident. Road rage can quickly turn deadly for a bicyclist. For example, a driver is irritated that he is following a bicyclist and cannot pass the rider. The driver guns the engine trying to make the bicyclist move or go faster.  When that does not work, the driver “taps” that back of the bicycle with the front fender causing the rider to lose control and crash. Because the bicyclist has no protection, an enraged motorist can easily cause harm with very little effort.

Bicycle Safety

If you are an avid bicyclist, you are already aware of the dangers posed by drivers on Sacramento roads. You can find information about bicycle safety and how to protect yourself from a bicycle accident from the Centers for Disease Control and Safe Kids Worldwide.

Do You Need a Sacramento Bicycle Accident Attorney?

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