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April is National Car Care Month. The Car Care Council wants everyone to use this as an opportunity to learn about the importance of car maintenance and service. A well-maintained vehicle is less likely to break down or cause a car crash. You can find car care events throughout the country that offer free vehicle inspections. Vehicle technicians will also be on hand to answer your questions regarding car maintenance.

As part of their campaign, the Car Care Council is offering a free car care guide that provides useful information about taking care of your car. Part of the guide discusses green driving and how the auto industry is working to reduce the impact of driving on our environment.

Green Driving Tips for California Drivers

With millions of vehicles on our roads, the impact on our environment from driving is substantial. The car industry works to reduce the impact on our environment by improving fuel economy, encouraging recycling, and encouraging the use of alternative energy sources.

Fuel economy is one of the easiest ways to drive green. It protects our environment and it protects your wallet by reducing your fuel costs. Below are tips for increasing your fuel economy by keeping your vehicle in top operating condition through regular service and maintenance.

Car Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle reduces harmful emissions and saves money by reducing the amount of fuel you need to operate your vehicle. Engine maintenance is a vital part of green driving. You should check and replace spark plugs, fuel and air filters, and faulty sensors and emission system parts to keep your engine operating at peak performance. A tune-up can improve gas mileage by four percent.

You should also check your tire pressure on a regular basis. The correct tire pressure can improve gas mileage by 3.3 percent or 10 cents per gallon. Using the correct motor oil can improve gas mileage by up to two percent; therefore, change your oil every 3,000 miles or three months using the correct oil for your vehicle.

Cruise Control and Air Conditioning

Using cruise control features can reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle uses. Avoiding using the air conditioner can also reduce fuel consumption. Park in the shade whenever possible and use reflective windshield covers to reduce the temperature in your vehicle. The lower the temperature in your vehicle, the less you will need to use your air conditioner to cool off the interior to a comfortable level.

Driving Tips

Sudden starts and stops use more fuel as does speeding and aggressive driving. Your car can lose fuel efficiency by about 24 cents per gallon for every five miles per hour in excess of 50 miles per hour. Aggressive driving can reduce gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway and five percent on city streets. Slow down and stay calm when you are behind the wheel to save gas and reduce stress.

Check Your Gas Cap

If your gas cap is cracked or damaged, fumes can escape increasing vehicle emission and wasting fuel. Likewise, topping off your tank after the pump shuts off wastes fuel and increases emissions.

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