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Each year thousands of car accidents are caused by a failure of some part of the vehicle. Many of these are from common maintenance items that could have been prevented. It’s important that you schedule regular maintenance on your car or truck. In addition, however, there are some basic parts of your car that you should check periodically to help prevent crashes. Below is a safety checklist for your vehicle.

Simple Safety Checklist to Prevent Car Accidents


There are two tests you need to do to prevent tire failure. To grip the road at safe speeds tires need to be properly inflated. Use a tire gauge to check the pressure in your tires and make sure it is in the recommended range. The other feature of a tire that can be the cause of accidents is the tread. When tire treads get too worn they can increase the risk of your car skidding or hydroplaning on wet roads. Use the Lincoln penny test. Put a penny in between the treads on your tire with President Lincoln’s head facing down. If some portion of his head disappears into the tire you should still have enough tread. If the entire head is visible it’s time to get your tires checked and changed.

Windshield Wipers

This is another item that can cause an accident in wet weather. If you notice that your wipers are visibly damaged or shredding or they seem to be smearing the water rather than wiping it away, get them replaced. Check windshield washer fluid as well.


At night turn on your car and have someone walk around and check that all the lights come on when you hit the high beams, the turn signals, and tap the breaks.

Warning Lights

Don’t ignore them. Contact your mechanic or the dealership where you get your car serviced promptly to find out if it’s just a sensor or a mechanical issue with your vehicle.

Car Safety Systems

Today’s new cars have many safety features such as blind spot detection, automatic braking systems, and advanced driver assistance systems. Don’t get lulled into thinking these systems take the place of a safe driver. Periodically test those systems or have your mechanic do it for you. In a study released this fall where the Automobile Association of America worked with the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center, automatic braking systems failed to prevent collisions between 17 and 33% of the time and lane-keeping assist failed 69% of the time in situations that simulated heavy rains and severe weather.

Safe driving and regular maintenance can go a long way to prevent car crashes.

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