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3-Ways-to-Prevent-Car-Accidents-this-FallMotorists can encounter hazardous conditions anywhere. Adverse weather, poorly maintained roadways, and debris can create obstacles drivers must navigate around safely. When summer turns to fall, more dangers present themselves that weren’t around during the previous months.

Although you might follow the posted speed limit and other rules of the road, there are additional precautions you can take that you might not be aware of while driving during the autumn months. The changing seasons bring about various factors that can lead to problems for drivers. If you’re not focused on the road ahead and don’t adjust how you operate your vehicle when faced with dangerous conditions, you could end up in a devastating accident.

There are some precautions you can take to handle fall hazards that arise while you’re driving and avoid a collision with a motorist, pedestrian, or another person you cross paths with during your commute. The top three ways to prevent a car accident this fall are below. If you have questions about your case, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Stay Alert in School Zones

Typically, school is back in full swing when fall arrives. That means more foot traffic than usual. You must look out for not only adult pedestrians but also child pedestrians. You could encounter kids walking through parking lots, in crosswalks, and along the side of the road on their way to school. If you don’t adjust your speed and observe your surroundings thoroughly, you could place a young child at risk of serious harm.

School zones aren’t the only places you should use caution while driving. Many children walk to and from school, which means you need to stay alert even if you’re miles away from a school. Some kids must cross the street, so it’s best if you slow down when approaching a crosswalk and prepare to stop if necessary.

If you’re not around child pedestrians, you could find yourself driving near a school bus. State law requires all motorists to stop if a school bus stops with its red lights flashing. Those lights mean the bus driver is picking up or dropping off a child. You might be in a hurry and decide to speed past the bus thinking the children won’t be anywhere near where you’re driving. However, one or multiple kids could be walking across the road, ending up on a collision course with your vehicle.

Proceed with Caution in Dangerous Conditions

Most people only think about ice, snow, and sleet when considering the dangerous driving conditions they could encounter. However, many don’t realize the dangers of driving in heavy rain, strong winds, and severe thunderstorms. You might not think rain could pose much of a risk when driving, but it could cause significant issues if you’re not careful.

Heavy rainfall reduces visibility for motorists. It’s much harder to see in front of you if the rain falls much faster and harder than your windshield wipers can handle. It’s particularly dangerous if it’s raining while you’re driving at night. Heavy rain prevents drivers from noticing what’s happening around them. If you don’t slow down and proceed with caution, you could crash into the car ahead of you or run over debris in the road.

Heavy rain also presents challenges with control. It’s harder to control your vehicle if you’re speeding along the wet pavement and end up hydroplaning. A car hydroplanes when the tires lose contact with the road beneath. Even if it only lasts for a couple of seconds, it prevents the driver from maneuvering where they want to go. You could spin out of control and collide with a nearby vehicle, ditch, or telephone pole.

Debris is another dangerous condition you should pay attention to if you encounter it. Wet leaves that fall off the trees can create a slippery surface for your tires. Fallen tree branches, potholes, and other hazards can puncture a tire on your car. If you instinctively swerve out of the way of road debris without checking your surroundings, you could end up in oncoming traffic or sideswipe a car traveling right next to you.

car accident with pedestrian

Focus on Other Drivers

The number of cars on the road increases when fall starts. Many people return from their summer vacations to go back to work. Children are also back in school. Heavy traffic means you’re likely to encounter a reckless driver.

Despite the safety precautions you might take, you can’t prevent someone else from behaving carelessly at the wheel. Your best option to try to avoid an accident is to keep your distance if you notice someone swerving, speeding, or driving in another reckless manner.

Speak to an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

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