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A new year is on its way, and many are driving new vehicles to match. Specifically, there are quite a few more EVs, or electric vehicles, zooming around than there were previously. As expert personal injury attorneys who deal with accidents of every variety, we always seek to keep clients informed of any novel hazards on the road.

So, to ensure you’re not taken off guard, Tiemann Law Firm has compiled some facts that we hope will equip you to avoid any accidents in the first place. Take a look below to see what’s new when it comes to EVs, how they differ from your typical car, and what those differences entail when it comes to collisions.

Batteries Are Heavy, and Heavier Cars Hit Harder

  • Electric vehicles are heavier when compared with typical cars that run on gasoline engines.
  • Data suggests that a typical modern car weighs around 4,300 pounds, yet some EVs weigh thousands of pounds more than that.
  • The reason for the disparity is straightforward: The batteries that power EVs are heavier than a tank full of gas, so they add considerably to the overall weight of the car.
  • Said batteries can weigh thousands of pounds on their own, which means that any collision will have a greater impact on the person who is driving the lighter car.

electric vehicle plugged in to charger.

EVs Are Involved in More Accidents Already

  • Reputable studies by insurers like AXA Switzerland have already demonstrated that EVs are involved in 50% more crashes than combustion engine cars.
  • Swift, sharp acceleration in EVs can come as a shock to new drivers, who might be used to the more gradual acceleration of traditional vehicles.
  • That leaves less room for course correcting and greater requirements for things like braking distance or follow room.
  • Some drivers and pedestrians have also noticed differences in sound, as most electric vehicles run quieter. While there are workarounds for this, EVs offer fewer recognizable auditory clues to what’s going on with the car than combustion engines do.

A New Danger to Drivers: Battery Fires

  • When the bottom of an electric vehicle is struck by or rubs against the road beneath it, the bottom plate protecting the batteries within can be jarred or damaged.
  • If the jolt is severe enough to get past protection around the batteries, they can catch fire.
  • A lithium-ion battery will cause a very persistent fire, and because there are often thousands of them within an EV, said fires can be challenging to put out.

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