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Headlight glare from newer vehicles is a hot topic for drivers and lawyers alike. While LED headlights do tend to illuminate the road more effectively, many drivers find them uncomfortably bright, even potentially blinding.

Obviously, losing your vision while on the road can be dangerous in a car accident situation and deserves a little attention beforehand. Fortunately, the Tiemann Law Firm is here with a blog about the tech behind the glare, the legal conversation surrounding it, and more.

The Glare Debate: Perception vs. Reality

The crux of the issue lies in the difference between perception and scientific fact.

  • While a significant portion of drivers report being blinded by LED headlights, some safety organizations like AAA haven’t found a direct link to increased car accidents.
  • Complaints mostly stem from the fact that LEDs, though not inherently brighter, emit a bluish-white light that can be harsh on the eyes.

A Multifaceted Problem

Several factors contribute to the glare issue:

  • Headlight Height: SUVs and trucks have headlights positioned higher, shining directly into oncoming car windows.
  • Misaligned Headlights: Improper headlight alignment can cause excessive glare.
  • Aging Population:As our population ages, drivers may find it harder to adjust to new headlight technology.

The Legal Outlook

Like other accidents, any motor vehicle collision stemming from blinding headlights hinges on the duty of care and negligence.

  • When a driver is blinded by high beams, many courts find that said driver must either stop or adjust speed downward to the point where a stop is possible if obstructions are in the road.
  • This means drivers blinded by high beams who proceed to strike something could be found negligent and thus liable. It all depends on whether the court feels the driver fulfilled their duty of care to adjust speed accordingly.
  • Tailgating, weather conditions, and other factors can play a role as well.
  • Everything changes if the driver with their high beams on is flashing them on and off constantly in a fit of road rage. In these types of circumstances, negligence will almost certainly lie with the raging driver flashing their high beams, not the blinded one.

Headlight glare is never fun, but it can also be dangerous, so remember to get your headlights checked regularly for proper alignment and to utilize your high beams safely whenever possible.

Accidents Involving Headlight Glare

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