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If you or someone you love has been involved in a garbage truck accident, you may be entitled to legal compensation. Large truck accidents can be very serious, often leaving their victims in need of medical attention and legal help. Garbage truck accidents are no different. Because of the nature of garbage truck accidents, they can be very dangerous and potentially deadly.

Luckily, the Sacramento truck accident attorneys of Tiemann Law Firm have been successfully handling large truck accidents in this area for years. Our hard-working team of personal injury attorneys is dedicated to providing each client with high-quality legal care as they build their garbage truck accident cases.

If you’re ready to begin seeking the compensation to which you’re entitled, call Tiemann Law Firm today. Don’t let one more day stand between you and the justice you deserve. Call (916) 999-9000 to speak with one of our Sacramento garbage truck accident attorneys and to get your free, confidential case evaluation.

Why You Need a Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of a garbage truck accident, you’re more than familiar with the stress of such incidents. Your injuries need medical care, and you may have to worry about replacing your car or other property. You’re probably worried about medical bills piling up, too. The last thing on your mind is probably getting a lawyer, but you should.

With a Tiemann Law Firm attorney, you can rest assured that your garbage truck accident case is in capable hands. Our personal injury attorneys are well-equipped to walk beside you as we build your case.

If you try to handle your case yourself, you may be overwhelmed by the laws and regulations surrounding these accidents. Collisions with garbage trucks are particularly difficult, as commercial vehicles are governed by different regulations than passenger vehicles. Our attorneys at Tiemann Law Firm have been practicing in the Sacramento area for many years and know the laws and rules surrounding these accidents. With one of our personal injury attorneys, you can trust that your case is in dedicated and capable hands.

In order to avoid the possibility that you might accidentally incriminate yourself, at Tiemann Law Firm, we’re committed to handling all communication on your behalf. When we take on your case, we’ll manage all the discussions with witnesses, talks with insurance companies, and conversations with other parties so that you’re able to focus on your health and your family as we work to get you the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Building a case can be a daunting task, particularly if you don’t have much experience. Our attorneys have been successfully handling truck accident cases for years. With our vast network of legal connections, wide array of strategies and resources, and years of experience, your garbage truck accident case is in excellent hands.

Why Choose Tiemann Law Firm?

Tiemann Law Firm has received recognition on both local and national levels for our success in representing our clients. We’ve been rated among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers and have reached millions of dollars in settlements for our clients.

Jelena Tiemann, one of our leading personal injury attorneys, has been living and practicing in the greater Sacramento area for over fifteen years. Having worked with the District Attorney’s office and made connections with a vast network of California lawyers, Ms. Tiemann is well-equipped to provide you with legal counsel as you build your truck accident case.

Another of Tiemann Law Firm’s top personal injury attorneys, Peter B. Tiemann, has been representing victims of large truck accidents since his admission to the California Bar in 1998. Mr. Tiemann has served as a member of the Consumer Attorneys of California as well as the American Association for Justice and the American Trial Lawyers Association. His dedication to providing each client with excellence and civil justice drives each case he takes on and is what has led to his success as a personal injury attorney.

Because of Tiemann Law Firm’s commitment to high-quality legal counsel, our firm operates on a contingency basis. This means that clients are not charged for any legal services rendered until we have reached a favorable outcome for them. We’ll take our agreed-upon contingency fee from your settlement or award after we obtain compensation for you. By working in this way, we are able to provide legal care to clients who need it, regardless of their financial situation.

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Types of Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage truck accidents have the potential to devastate their victims. A 2017 report from the US Department of Transportation claims that 4,237 of the year’s fatal crashes involved large trucks. The vehicles’ frequent stops, bulky natures, and moving parts all pose threats to those nearby.

Garbage truck accident types include:

  • Collisions with a pedestrian
  • Collisions with a stationary vehicle
  • Rear-end collisions
  • T-Bone collisions
  • Wide-turn accidents

If you have been involved in any of these or another type of collision with a garbage truck, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Injuries Caused by Garbage Truck Accidents

In addition to the property damages these accidents cause, garbage truck collisions can also lead to severe personal injury. According to the US Department of Transportation, over 145,000 people were injured in large truck accidents in 2016. Often, the injuries incurred in a garbage truck accident include:

These injuries are serious and require medical care. If you sustained injuries like this in a crash with a garbage truck, you may be eligible for compensation. To discuss your case with an attorney, call (916) 999-9000 today.

Compensation and Liability

Compensation for garbage truck accidents is dependent upon a number of factors. Most often, compensation will include two types of losses:

  • Compensation for economic damages, such as the cost of medical bills, property damages, and lost income/wages.
  • Compensation for non-economic damages, which are more general “pain and suffering” costs, such as trauma, disability/disfigurement as a result of the accident, loss of enjoyment of life, or death.

Liability is also an important factor in assessing your compensation. In most cases, liability is determined by comparative negligence. This means that if someone else was 100% responsible for the crash, in California, they’re responsible for 100% of your losses that result from the accident. Because California is a pure comparative negligence state, even if you are found to be 95% liable for the accident, you are still eligible to seek compensation for the 5% of your damages for which you were not found liable.

The statute of limitations in the state of California is two years. This gives victims of large truck accidents two years from the day of their collision to file a lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Truck Accidents

If you or someone you love has been a victim of a garbage truck accident, you know how stressful and confusing these incidents can be. Because we handle these types of cases often, we know what questions our clients usually ask first. We’ve answered some of those for you here.

What if I'm partially at fault?

Because California is a pure comparative negligence state, you will only be held liable to the same degree to which you’ve been found negligent. In most cases, negligence is measured by the driver’s level of carelessness or recklessness at the scene of the accident. Even if you’re found to be 75% negligent, you can still seek compensation for the 25% of the accident for which you haven’t been found liable.

How long will my claim take?

No two insurance claims or lawsuits look exactly alike. Because of the diverse nature of garbage truck accidents, there’s no easy timeline to expect in pursuing compensation in a large truck accident case. Depending on the facts of your case, it’s possible you can settle with the insurance company. This route is often less time-consuming than going to court. However, if the insurance company won’t agree to an appropriate settlement, then going to court may be required to get the compensation you deserve, and going to trial is a time-consuming process.

What kind of compensation can I expect?

Compensation depends on a number of factors and can look different from one case to the next, but usually, you’ll be able to recover money for any property damage, medical bills, prescription costs, transportation to and from medical appointments, lost income/wages, and possibly future lost earning capacity, if your injuries are severe enough to require you to change jobs or quit working. Should you require ongoing care with activities of daily living, those costs would be factored into your compensation, as well. Your compensation can also include money for loss of companionship, loss of mobility, disability/disfigurement as a result of an accident, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Need Help? Call Tiemann Law Firm

Filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit can be an intimidating process. If you are unfamiliar with how the claims process works, or if you are feeling the financial pinch because of your new medical bills, negotiating with an insurance company can seem impossible.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a garbage truck accident, you don’t have to worry about pursuing compensation on your own. Our hardworking attorneys can lead you step by step through these complicated processes.

Don’t allow a lack of legal expertise or money keep you from seeking the compensation you deserve. Call Tiemann Law Firm at (916) 999-9000 today to speak with one of our attorneys and to schedule a free, confidential consultation about your accident.

Client Testimonials
Dawniel Ewing Testimonial

I have nothing but great things to say about this firm. They have been extremely helpful and professional when dealing with my case. Anytime I needed anything or wanted to be updated they responded immediately. They made me feel like they cared. Highly recommend them!

Michael T. Testimonial

I sat down and met with Jelena Tiemann about my vehicle accident.I presented all of my documentation to her in which she gave me her assessment.Although the Tiemann Law Firm wont be representing me because my settlement offer was pretty good she was very clear,forward and professional about what she felt could and couldn't be done.I recommend this law firm to anyone who needs a helping hand at fighting a case where you don't have to worry about the outcome not going in your favor. Please don't review this business if you received a freebie for writing this review, or if you're connected in any way to the owner or employees.

Herb T. Testimonial

The Tiemanns were referred to me by a friend and I am exceptionally happy with the service I received. I had never been in an accident before. I had no idea what to do. Jelena verbally explained how everything would work to me, and she and Peter handled everything. I didn't have to lift a finger once. They went above and beyond for me and I am extremely grateful. I pray I won't ever need this type of assistance again, but I will definitely be referring them to friends and family.

Jennifer T. Testimonial

I highly recommend The Tiemann Law Firm! I had never before been in a situation where I sustained injury and had to seek legal representation. I was nervous, traumatized, and had no idea what to expect. Jelena, Peter, and their staff walked me through each step of the process. They explained everything in detail. They patiently answered all my questions, responded quickly to every email, text message, phone call, etc. I felt totally prepared for each new phase of the legal process. Furthermore, they were fearless in their defense of me. In certain situations, when I felt attacked or scared my attorney protected me like I was family. Their diligence, honesty, integrity, and compassion provided a true sense of healing and closure for my family and I. The Tiemann Law Firm accomplished more for me than I ever thought possible and I am forever grateful.

S.B. Testimonial

Here's the thing... Nobody really thinks much about lawyers until they need one.  Well, we needed one!  The Tieman Law Firm came through for us in a big way. They were professional, courteous, thorough, and had excellent staff as well.  Highly recommended...